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Does a tweak crash? Read here!

"Many times while using your favourite tweaks, or while installing new ones, a crash or an error or a bug occurs!

I am going to help you, on how to help me or any other dev fix those crashes and/or bugs.

First thing to do, is to make sure if another tweak is causing your issue, meaning if the tweak that crashes is conflicting with another tweak! To be sure about that you need to Add this repo to your Cydia sources and install iCleaner Pro.

After the respring is performed try to repeat the crash/bug. If you are able to repeat it, then the tweak is indeed problematic, at least for your device or your iOS version. if not, run iCleaner Pro again and open the other tweaks switches one by one untill you find the tweak that conflicts with the tweak you are inspecting!

If the problematic tweak is causing your iOS Device to respring it's very possible, that you can collect usefull information for the dev, so that you can help him/her even more to provide a fix.

So open Cydia and install CrashReporter.

You can now contact the dev describing your problem, mentioning your device model, iOS version, giving information on whats happening, when is happening, how you produce the problem and including the link from Pastebin!

Hope this helps getting better tweaks and receiving better support from devs :)