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Can't afford a tweak? Read here!

" iOS tweaks should be paid for the people that can afford! "

I strongly believe that (serious) iOS tweaks should be paid. When someone spends his time to create something unique or something that works flawlessly should be rewared. However, as a dev and as a person I cannot demand to get paid by kids or by people that cannot afford or can't use paypal as an option, and thats why I encourage everyone belonging on those categories to ask me to gift them my tweaks.

So here are the step to follow to receive your gift asap!!!

In order to gift you my tweak, I need to know your device's UDID number and the tweak name you are interested in.

To find your device's UDID number using iTunes:

To find your device's UDID number inside Cydia:

When you get your UDID number, you need to send me it in Twitter or Reddit or by email. Please do not send a picture of your UDID!!! I need you to paste the number as text!!!

Example message:
"Hello there. I really can't afford a copy of SmartVolumeMixer. My device's UDID is: adb3df18677a66b0d6c1dc3e2564b0e3360a559b".

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