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Can't afford a tweak? Read here!

" iOS tweaks should be paid for the people that can afford! "

I strongly believe that (serious) iOS tweaks should be paid. When someone spends his time to create something unique or something that works flawlessly should be rewared. However, as a dev and as a person I cannot demand to get paid by kids or by people that cannot afford or can't use paypal as an option, and thats why I encourage everyone belonging on those categories to ask for a gift.

So here are the step to follow to receive your gift. I have worked a lot to make this very easy for you.

  1. First go to Settings and find the tweak's Settings

  2. After entering tweak's settings panel, click Request a gift.

  3. Thats it! All you have to do now is wait. Gifts requests are accepted once to two times per month and I announce this on my twitter..

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