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Hello there :) Am Nick from Greece, born in 1988. My main hobby and my love is Programming. I am an iPhone owner and fan since 2011 (with an iPhone 4).

I started programming with Python in 2014, by reading the book "Python for kids" which is far one of the best books to start with programming and Python. Tried some stuff using the tkinter module and some web scraping using requests & beautifulsoup modules.
In early 2015 I heard about Pythonista App for iPhone/iPad by Ole Zorn, bought it and keep using it untill today! It's really powerfull and easy to use. Google it, you will be surprised!

In 2016 started learning C/Objective-C reading the book "Head First C" and "Programming in Objective-C" and getting huge help from Elias Limneos one of the best developers and persons I know. Thanks (once again) Elias. Developed my first free tweak for Cydia (jailbroken iPhone) Phonie and later on my first paid tweak SmartVolumeControl.

As for 2018 I have strated learning web development reading about HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL using an incredible app from the AppStore Sololearn. I absolutely encourage everyone to give it a try, it's cool and free.

The last quarter of 2018, I created my own Cydia repo where I released my 2 new paid tweaks SmartVolumeControl2 and SmartVolumeMixer as well as 2 free.

I also launched the guides section where I will post usefull stuff when I have the time to.

First few days of 2019 I re-written my website from scratch using the skills I learned (CSS ftw!). I really had fun developing it :) I mainly used skills i gained from SoloLearn app and of course I googled a lot.

The 1st month of 2019 I completed the development of my PayPal payment server. I used this tutorial as my starting point.
I spent like a week of testing and adding iOS integration and script handlers on my server.

2019 is going strong for me and I keep adding functionalities to my website (last one is "Restore Purchases"). More functionalities are also being added to my tweaks. SmartVolumeControl2 now has a "License Handling" section within the tweaks settings panel. I 'll add this functionality on every paid tweak I have or I will develop. I also started updating my tweaks adding full iOS12 compatibility as well as new features.