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Version History

Version 0.7: Initial Release (BETA Stage).
Release date: 13 Oct 2018.
Deb size: 233 kb.
Installed size: 744 kb.
Version 0.9: Stability impovements, removed Activator dependence, Added backwards compatibility (iOS 7 to iOS 10).
Release date: 11 Nov 2018.
Deb size: 213 kb.
Installed size: 728 kb.
Version 1.0: BigBoss sumbittion.
Release date: N/A.
Deb size: N/A.
Installed size: N/A.
Version 1.3: Added support for iOS11 ControlCenter volume slider and volume sliders of Music Apps.
Release date: 05 Dec 2018.
Deb size: 112kb.
Installed size: 648kb.
Version 1.3.1: Upgraded including the new Purchase System.
Release date: 26 Jan 2019.
Deb size: 115 kb.
Installed size: 664 kb.
Version 2.0: Added full iOS 12 compatibility. Rewrote everything from scratch. Cleaner code, better code logic and implementation. Added rotation support. Fixed lockscreen issue. Added 2 more volume categories(Notifications & Siri). Added skin choices (light, dark, darker, black). Added second presentation mode.
Release date: 21 Mar 2019.
Deb size: 815 kb.
Installed size: 1492 kb.
Version 2.1: Re-worked the code logic to face compatibility issues. Now compatible with #SmartVolumeControl2, #Aerify, #Melior and #Ultrasound. Added one more volume Category in Media Section. Few reported bug fixes.
Release date: 25 Mar 2019.
Deb size: 394 kb.
Installed size: 932 kb.
Version 2.1.1: Slightly increased the auto dismiss time when using replace hud. Pushed in BigBoss repo as version 2.1.
Release date: 25 Mar 2019.
Deb size: 394 kb.
Installed size: 932 kb.